NEW PRODUCTS - 2020/2021


New Cutflower Products

Brassica - F1 Komachi NEW

Well overlapped round petals on tall plant. Tidy creamy white with pink center versatilely work for both cutflower and potting.

Echinops (Ritro) NEW

Blue balloon-Spiky blooms are produced on mid-height plants summer thru autumn stay as perennial. 5 to 8 stems are availably harvested per plant. 100 to 120 cm (3 to 4 ft.) of height works good for a component in garden besides typically planted on cutflower bed.

Snapdragon - Memorial Super White NEW

Honorably blessed with both extra-early and pure white. Plants produce strong stems and dense tapered spikes. Genetically extra-early, so do not plants in very early season.

Culture Guideline


New Pot and Bedding Products

Viola - Millionflora Tart NEW

Clear tone between lilac and pink with up-facing habit.


Culture Guideline


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