Viola – F1 Millionflora Series

Millionflora violas stay compact in with lookup faced flowers. Very short span first to next flowers with basal branching and less stretching. Wide-ranging with formal key lines and novelties.
Culture Guideline

Millionflora Clear Yellow Improved NEW

Improved earlier and more flowers with better branching habit and uniformity.

Millionflora Deep Purple NEW

Very deep purple color stays without fading in early autumn.

Millionflora Sky Blue NEW

Clear sky blue with light face. Good holdability in garden and store bench.

Millionflora Orange Purple Wing


Millionflora White Purple Wing


Millionflora Braze Blotch


Millionflora Twilight


Millionflora White


Millionflora Lilac


Millionflora Wine Flash


Millionflora Yellow Purple Wing



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