Brassica(Flowering Kale)
– Cutflower Series and Varieties


Culture Guideline

Brassica - F1 Komachi

Well overlapped round petals on tall plant. Tidy creamy white with pink center versatilely work for both cutflower and potting.

F1 Elf Carmine

Compact well overlapped carmine round petals. Colors up earlier than traditional red varieties.

F1 Dream Red

The center color turns bright red very early and stably remains. Tolerant against diseases.

F1 Dream White)

Compact white head with long stems. The center turns white to the heart very early.

F1 Bright Wine Re-Intros

Unique tall mixture of collecting various color, height and structure with typically serrated leaves that suitable cutflower.

F1 Hakuju

White head develops very early. Matches well with Kohju No.2. A frost protection with row covoers needed.

F1 Kohju No.2

Beautiful carmine center with compact head on long stem. Disease tolerant variety.

F1 Lake Swan
〈Dream Red〉

Very early to color on and tolerance against cold. Leaves are slightly larger than Dream Series with thick and hardy.

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