Brassica(Flowering Kale)
– Dwarf Series and Varieties for Pot


Culture Guideline

F1 Party Red

Compact variety suitable for both pots and bedding plants. Leaves are smaller and more countable than other similar color varieties.

F1 Party Snow

Compact variety recommended for both pots and bedding plants. Round leaves overlap very well. Outer leaves turn white early.

F1 Pink Parasol

Medium tall with round-leaf variety and suitable for pot production. Dense head turns to bright pink.

F1 Red Thunderbolt

F1 Red Thunderbolt
A compact variety. Soft serration gives a tender impression. Dark pink center matches well with red or white varieties.

F1 White Bloom

Finely fringed leaves. The bright white center contrasts well with deep green outer leaves. Very hardy.

F1 Harmony

Wide range of variation light peach to deep pink or fuchsia appears with fern leaf materials. Leaves are more crinkled and overlapped than traditional brassica varieties.

F1 Rias

Mixture consisted of white and red-purple shades even. Components are deeply serrated and well overlapped outer leaves. Cold tolerant with vigorous.

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