Eustoma(Lisianthus) – F1 Sorrier Series

Sorrier Series consists of early to medium flowering with large to medium large, fully double. Suitable for early to semi-forcing with less blasting and stable flower form under short day conditions expected.
Culture Guideline

Sorrier Pink

Clear and light pink flowers gained on nicely branching habit on upper level. Numbers of stems appear to harvest. Recommend to ship in early spring season under mild weather.

Sorrier White EXE (MEX1068)

EXE stands for EXtra Early compared with the sister variety Sorrier White. Suitable for early forcing to grow in cool season. Keep stable shape under low light condition.

Sorrier Blue Sounds

Blue picotee and medium large flower variety. Slightly earlier than other Sorrier Series and suitable for forcing culture. Shoots come up from lower part.

Sorrier Orange Flash (MEX1074)

Unique orange colored petals. the Orange tinge tends to be paler in low light conditions,. Recommendable to grow under sufficient light intensity.

Sorrier White

Early with pure white and large flower. Slightly fringed petals. Few useless buds and side shoots help labor saving benefit.

Sorrier Yellow

Vivid yellow and medium large flower. Easy to harvest robust plants with long stems. Suitable for natural cropping schedule.

Sorrier Heart

Flashing pink land large flower. Suitable for natural cropping schedule. Few useless buds and side shoots help labor saving benefit

Sorrier Sky

Flashing blue flower. Similar habit to Sorrier Heart except for the refreshing flash blue color. Suitable for natural cropping schedule.

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