Eustoma(Lisianthus) – F1 Revolution Series

Organizing mid-flowering varieties, with medium-sized and rose-like shaped double flowers, on solid and thick stems. Excellent plant habit, uniformity and thick petals enable easy harvesting and transportation.
Culture Guideline

Revolution Snow

Earlier to flower with clearer and thicker petals than Revolution White. Stays in well uniformed and suitable for both semi-forcing and late raising culture.

Revolution White

Focused on more flowers with massive stems produced, while slightly later in the series. Beautifully rounded petals. Well adapt to late raising culture, too.

Revolution Blue Sounds

Fully double variety with blue bicolor. *Genetically 10-30% solid purple flowers appear and the purple more dominantly increases as temperature goes down; double petals maintained even though the color pattern varies.

* Under cool and low light conditions, flowers may turn to totally solid purple but retains fully double in those cases.

Revolution Green

Mid to small rose-shaped flowers with intensive green on strong stem. The bold green instinctively holds even in hot conditions.

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