Matthiola Spray Type – Chanter Series

Well-branched spray typed matthiola with strong stem. Slightly later than other commercial spray varieties but dense and nicely tapered form of spikes featured.
Culture Guideline

Chanter Grape

Earlier to flower in the series with good plant and spike form.

Chanter Blue

Earlier to flower in the series with strong stems.

Chanter Yellow

Earliest to grow and finish in the series with long-sized stems.

Chanter Pure White

Real pure white variety in spray typed matthiola.

Chanter White

One week faster to flower keeping massive structure than Pure White.

Chanter Lavender

Naturally rounded petal shape featured. Slightly shorter but strong stem holds with well branching.

Chanter Apricot

Stem length produced as well as Yellow. Unique peach or apricot color with easy to grow.

Chanter Red

Thick and strong stems featured with easy to grow. Red is a mandatory color in spray stock operation.

Chanter Cherry

Impressive cherry blossom color represented with average habit.


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