Viola – F1 Millionflora Series

Millionflora violas stay compact in with lookup faced flowers. Very short span first to next flowers with basal branching and less stretching. Wide-ranging with formal key lines and novelties.
Culture Guideline

Millionflora True Blue NEW

Fadeless true blue color. Very early to flower holding good basal branching and little elongated peduncle.

Millionflora Primrose NEW

Thick and no floppy petals keep looking-up form in autumn thru spring garden. Flower color varies by environmental conditions, as some other primrose violas are so.

Millionflora Pink Cap NEW

Classy with pink cap and white flap. Plants stay less stretching even in early autumn operation. Flower patterns may vary by environment as the image referred.

Millionflora Rose Blotch NEW

Good plant habit and bright rose color keeps long time with thick petals less curling. Rose blotch is extremely desired for retail mixture as flag color.

Viola - Millionflora Peach Tart

Clear tone between lilac and pink with up-facing habit.

Millionflora Clear Yellow Improved

Improved earlier and more flowers with better branching habit and uniformity.

Millionflora Deep Purple

Very deep purple color stays without fading in early autumn.

Millionflora Sky Blue

Clear sky blue with light face. Good holdability in garden and store bench.

Millionflora Orange Purple Wing


Millionflora White Purple Wing

Millionflora Braze Blotch

Millionflora Twilight

Millionflora White

Millionflora Lilac

Millionflora Wine Flash

Millionflora Yellow Purple Wing

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