Eustoma(Lisianthus) – F1 Crown Series

Mid-late flowering series. Medium large fully double flowers guaranteed. Good branching habit is well assigned for natural to autumn crops.
Culture Guideline

Crown Blue Flash

Misty blue tone blooms on well balanced and structured plants. A hard stem variety with middle height and layered form. Capable flower-stem numbers are shown in average timing of the series.

Crown Azure

Deep flashing blue featured. Well branched and massive plant with thick petals works for good yield.

Crown Snow

Stays fully double under high temperature conditions. Well branched and massive plants. Light greenish flowers may come up in very small percentage depending on circumstances.

Crown Blue Sounds

Thin rims with dark intensive blue. Suitable for autumn cropping with shades during summer to secure sufficient stem length.

Crown Yellow

Attractive and vivid yellow flower featured. Slightly shorter than others in the series but well eye-catching. Recommendable for natural cropping.

Crown Blue

Rose shaped fully double flowers keep the vivid dark purple. Recommend shades under strong light. Flowers are slightly smaller than others in the series.

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