Snapdragon (Antirrhinum) – F1 Smile Series

Early flowering series and best for autumn through early winter harvest. Selecting exceptionally long-life florets and ideal taper shape varieties. There may be slightly different in flowering window by variety.
Culture Guideline

Smile Bronze NEW

Early flowering series and best for autumn through early winter harvest. Exceptionally long life florets and ideal taper shape. Unique color with long and straight stem. Thick petals assist long life in vase.

Smile White King

Excellent and extremely larger white florets and tapered spike produced while one week later to flower than Smile White.

Smile Rose Improved

Deeper rose-color than previous Rose or Rose Pink. Upgraded spikes are produced on long and clean stems.

Smile Yellow Improved

Earlier with brighter tone than former Yellow. Large florets form a dense-shaped spike. Ideal for autumn through winter program with sowing in August to September.

Smile Early White

Early white variety with well shaped spike.

Smile Pink

Early with unique two-tone of soft yellow inside bright pink.

Smile Pink Flash

Early with beautiful pink shades on white. Plants very vigorously grow and produce branching.

Smile Red

Deep red with long stem and dense spikes. Large florets featured.

Smile Rose Pink

Early with larger and brilliant rose flowers. Recommended earlier to transplant to prevent from flowering in short stem stage. Rose color may vary in the environment.


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