Eustoma(Lisianthus) – Miscellaneous Series/Varieties


Culture Guideline

Snow Under  NEW

Fully fringed petals create medium-large blooming with branch long enough. Plants produce fewer extra buds and save laboring to remove them. Grows and flowers in mid-late timing.

Daylight Reflexion  NEW

Many small white flowers come up on branches that form sharp direction and silhouette. Plants produce fewer extra buds and save laboring to remove them. Grows and flowers in early to intermediate timing.

GX Lavender  NEW

“Innovative New” of misty lavender color professes that plants capably block the infection and damage from fusarium. GX proposes every customer to minimize the plant-less spots on the growing bed and maximize their income per square meter. Mid to late flowering.

Acoustic Blue Sounds  NEW

Blur pattern with light blue shades on mid-sized flower brings the benefit in uniform of flowering. Growers can very precisely program scheduling and design a conversion plan from non-operation span into another value time.

Luminex Baby Pink  NEW

Brilliant baby pink blooms in medium to late timing. Plant grows in upright silhouette with large flowers.

F1 Super Moon

New fringed yellow is now available. Mid to large sized flowers come up early on very good stem numbers. Green may turn up in few percent for a genetic reason.

F1 Silky Brightness

Early and large white flower with fringed petals. Excellent petal numbers counted even under high or low temperature conditions. Low daylight may slightly reduce quantity of branching.

F1 Queen Of Night

Mid to late flowering variety. Medium-large size. Thick and dark purple petals stay clean because of very few pollen. Suitable for late raising culture.

F1 Pearl Lavender

Late flowering variety. Refined light lavender. Easy to grow with long and strong-stemmed. Plants count enough number of petals even in warm condition.

F1 Pearl White

Small and rose shape flowers produced with creamy white and thick petals. A large plant structure with tall stems and little useless side-shoots featured.

F1 Lipstick

Late flowering variety. Mid-large sized flowers produced. Brilliant rose-picotee on strong stem and massive branches.

F1 Lapis Blue Rim (Single Flower)

Eartly flowering variety. Stable deep purple rim on strong and long stem. Easy growing expected with massive plant.

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