Eustoma(Lisianthus) - F1 Ceremony Series

Mid-late flowering series with mid-large fully double blooms. Well branched with thick and strong stems. Easy to grow.
Culture Guideline

Ceremony Kiss

Large flowering intensive pink with long and massive stem. Intensive color lasts longer.

Ceremony White

Improved more petals to count than Ceremony Snow in warm conditions. Suitable for summer crop with good branching. Seeds require cool treatment to reduce sensitivity for rosseting.

Ceremony Green

The most vigorous with very large flower in the Series. Rich double flowers with fresh green on long stem.

Ceremony Pink Flash

Strong and calipered stems featured with hard neck and thick petals. Slightly larger than Peach.

Ceremony Light Pink

Long and strong stems produced. Good for late raising-culture. Black centered.

Ceremony Orange

Creamy orange, like apricot, petals with a trace of pink brush. Long and strong stems produced. Recommendable for summer to autumn cropping.

Ceremony Orange Flash

A good choice for bridal bouquet. Easy to grow but refrain from fertilizing too much as it is too vigorous more than others in the series.

Ceremony Blue Flash

Large flower on long and hard stem. Lower fertilizer required as it is naturally vigorous as well as Orange Flash.

Ceremony Peach

Vigorous habit with tough neck produced. Slightly frilled petals with green center. Heavy dehydration may cause mal petal formation.

Ceremony Pink

Medium-large flowers with shining and intensive pink color. Strong neck featured.

Ceremony Snow

Pure white with green center. Please note that petals tend to get less or may produce singles under high temperature.

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