Lilium formolongo(Lilies) – Raizan Series

Seed-propagated pure white lilies. Plants keep upright long stem and ideal cup-shape flowers with scented that do not open too much. Easy to handle with less breakage beneficially helps bouquet and arrangements.
Culture Guideline

Raizan Herald

Earliest in Raizan Series. 2 to 3 weeks earlier than Raizan No.1.

Raizan No. 1

First upright flowering lily from seed. Programmable to ship from early August in Japanese climate.

Raizan No. 2

One to two weeks later than Raizan No.1. Shipping starts in mid-August in Japan.

Raizan No. 2 Select

Selected from Raizan No.2 for better uniformity in timing to flower. A little bit tighter shape than Raizan No.2.

Raizan No. 3

About two weeks later than Raizan No.2. Shipping starts in the end of August and ends up to late September.

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