Eustoma(Lisianthus) – F1 Jewelry Series

Late flowering series. Large flowers on very strong stems. Uniformed well and stable under warm conditions.
Culture Guideline

Jewelry Blue Sounds

Edge color of blue-purple varies by environment but holds the deep tone with contrast. Stems are rigid and long.

Jewelry Pink

Rich and glossy pink. Inheriting the habits of Jewelry Snow featured as hard stems and excellent uniformity.

Jewelry Rose

Rosy pink. An assortment option as deeper pink alternatively in the series. Similar habit to Jewelry Pink.

Jewelry Snow

Real pure white and fully double with stiff stems. Excellent uniformity and multi-blooming habit.

Jewelry Pink Plash

Slightly larger flower and lighter pink color with shorter stem than Cherry Flash. Color holds under warm conditions.

Jewelry Cherry Plash

Round-shaped and dark pink petals with long and strong stem. Slightly taller than Pink Flash.

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